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Never Enough!

Saturday, October 29, 2011 0 Comments

It has been a month ever since i last blogged. Busy as usual. Time is never enough for me now. Its either work, school or home working on assignments. Im so freaking packed everyday. Work is never ending. I need more time. Sleep deprived, so does time!

Sem 2's timetable is a killer! I hope the management will not set it this way again for the rest of the sem! Anyway, results are out for one of my module. Did quite badly! Need to pull up my socks luh!

I hope 2012 arrives soon. Because im plotting a big plan and will be executing them in 2012. I hope life would be better by then.

Alright, need to work on my assignment! Due date is the day after. 3 more assignment to go for this sem which will end in mid December! 

Fighting with the stress monster.. ..