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Twins Affaire

Tuesday, January 03, 2012 0 Comments

The long holidays are gonna end soon! On an unplanned leave & ended up on a movie treat with my twin sis. Oh gonna start working again tomorrow! BOOHOO!

Oh, i guess nobody knows i have a twin sis. Wassnt very close to her before but recently we are going out together very often. Yes, she is my age & we share the same birthday! We used to look alike last time when we were young but not anymore now!

People say "Looks change when a girl turns 18!"

Yes, i must agree to that. Change ultra lot since after 18. Hopefully im changing for the better. Work changes your attitude, behavior & thinking! Age change your looks too. I hope im still maintaining that young teenager face! *fingers cross*  
Wasnt aware of the date today & i forgot, primary & secondary school reopened today! Oh damn, gonna have ultra packed train & bus everyday! Hate it, hate it! And moreover, the train frequency are getting longer & longer.

SMRT, buck up man!! We need a better train service! More frequency & faster in speed. Most of my time is spent hours on traveling. 

Oh, im gonna spend more time on blogging. I know im lack of time but i will try. School takes it all.. ..