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Wednesday, December 07, 2011 0 Comments

Life is not like a life now.
Work > School > Home

Good news is, sem one has come to an end. Received my overall results. Ok, did fairly well for management but not for accounting. Sem 2 is coming to an end & exams are 2 weeks down the road. Just about to start my revision.

Gonna skipped lesson all the way till exam. Sorry Morgan! 3 assignments down, one more to go and exam marks the end of the sem. Received timetable for Sem 3 & its gonna be hectic again. Cant wait to finish this course but i still got a long way to go!!

Just felt like i have finished my exams a week ago & exams are approaching again. Am having exams every 2-3 monthly! I kept reminding myself to be motivated & be studious. Getting to know my results tinkle me alittle. Well, glad that all my classmate made it through sem 1!

Alrighty, off to mug for exams!