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Sunday, November 13, 2011 0 Comments

Its dying inside me. I need a break from the whole damn thing (not studies)! Its somehow defined as a pot call the kettle black. Throughout this one year, i really realized that not all humans are as nice and stuff. They may be very nice to you, but you will never know what they did behind you.

I know this is the real world despite the advise given by multiples. But i still dont understand why people are so superficial. Just because you want to make things look good on you and you wanna blame it on something else or you wanna gain all the credits and play tai ji on all the faults?

These made me look down on you people, seriously! I feel sick. Yucks!

I am still packed with assignments which some has yet been started and some just on the track. So many things to stressed about these day! After assignments, its exam and sem 2 is gonna end. After exam, everyone is stressed about the results. So by the end of the course, everyone's head will grow bigger and heart will be stronger! 

A heart attack will be activated upon a release of a result. So we hav like so many heart attack more to go! Am awaiting for the overall result for management. God bless me! Omg, its like a blink of an eye & i have been studying for freaking near 5 months! Thats like super fast luh!

Cant wait for this year to end man! I hope everythings goes far better than this year because it suck but life still have to go on.. ..