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2012, HUAT AH!

Monday, January 23, 2012 0 Comments

Happy CNY!

Just came home from maternal granny's place. Kinda relief I'm back cos I jus cannt stand the heat there.

Living on top of the hill is like staying under the big sun in the afternoon & in the forest at night.

No matter where you hide, the heat is just unbearable but I love the night cos it's damn cooling.

Didn't manage to head over to my paternal side cos of time constrain. I miss them!

I know I'm on diet but I hav been like taking all the junk, fried & oily stuff for the past few days. Oh damn! Just Connot resist the temptation.

The homemade bua kua, the crackers & so many more!! Yummeh!

Gonna recuperate for the next 2 days as I'm super lack of sleep. Late night rest & early wake up. Spamming my mask pack.

Anyway, hopefully it's a good dragon year!! :)