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Butterfac with uni mates!

Saturday, April 28, 2012 0 Comments

Gathering with UNI mates last night at butterfactory. Pub turns into club. Had a fun night & I really enjoyed myself.

For the first time, I didn't drink as I hav low alcohol tolerance so I hav coke instead ystd. Bby forbid me to touch them. Amazingly, coke makes me dance too! I love having fun friends!

Wanted to actually thanks bby for everything. Despite how much he hated girls to club, he still agree to me clubbing last night.

He goes to the extend of accompanying me all the way to butterfactory, be there with me till all my friends arrive, said bye & left for home after I enter the club.

And after which he waited till the end of the party & he surprised me by cycling to my place, stayed for 30mins & cycled home.

Every sweet little actions count, they are making me feel blessed to hav him.

Slept for 5hrs odd, prepared & headed out to meet bby & his friends for Korean BBQ buffet lunch.

I don't deny they are nice but I just can't stand the fact that they stink my hair so badly that the smell is still there after a few wash.

Bby is going for his private apartment annual meeting. Felt bad for not going with him as a company.

I will try to be there for him in the future like what he did for me. What comes around goes around. For now, I need to recharge.