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Slackers, we are!

Sunday, April 29, 2012 0 Comments

Sleeping & slacking marks the end of weekend! Oh oh, I will be away from work till Wed & will be back on Thurs. Gonna make sure I get ample of rest.

Slack in bed most of the time this weekend. Love slacking & snuggling in bed, not forgetting love's company!

Nap in the late afternoon ystd till bby arrived at my place. Online streaming till midnight & he cycled home. His new mission is to cycle & save money on cab now!

Slept thru the morning till bby came over to my place for lunch. Lazed around with online streaming again, dinner at my place, accompany him home to bath & pack his stuff & send him off to camp.

Tailored made clothes needs alteration due to the after effect of my dieting program. It's so loose can! Needs to find time & make a trip down to the tailor tomorrow before meeting bby.

Gonna shop for his white collar long sleeve shirt for book-in because of my one comment. :/

ME: bby, your oversized shirt makes you look even slimmer! Your leather shoes looks so LKK!

BOY: Doesn't matter how I look, most importantly, the cash in the wallet!! But let's go & get a new shirt & shoes since u don't like it. :)

I can't help it but to feel blessed when bby giv in to every single remark/request of mine & i call the shot every single time :)

I hope this honeymoon period last forever & nothing ever changes.. ..

Thank you, love! ♥