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The worthy BOMB.

Tuesday, May 01, 2012 0 Comments

JB again for ladies maintenance with bby & Shannana! Luckily there was no jam at all. The previous gelish i did lasted 10 solid weeks with every single crystal & nail art intacted. Love the long lasting effect of gelish! Although its quite expensive, but its definitely cheaper than SG's & its worth the bomb!

Soaking off my old gelish. The manicurist took quite abit of hard work to actually get rid of the previous ones because of all the arcylic & swaroski stones. Its not easy at all!

Flipping the entire nail art book & contemplating which design to get. Flipping all over & finally decided on this base for my new gelish..


Actually wanna thank bby for today! Although he did complain abit about the waiting time before we enter the shop, but he still waited patiently without making any remark. And there, he fell asleep for 2hrs odd.. I love man who have patience!

Tadah!! The final art piece. chio max~ Took 2 hours odd, cost me RM 168 which is equivalent to SGD70 & will last for at least 10 weeks. Definitely cheaper than the market rate in SG right?

Shanna's was nice too. I just love how bling it was! Was actually contemplating on hers & mine but in the end i chose the Chanel design as this will look complicated in my work shoe. 

Satisfied & happy! Seafood dinner as usual with abit of shopping & back we went. Gonna start my bird nest therapy today. Soaked & picked the residue out from the bird nest for an hour odd & mummyl0ve cooked them for me. Love! Tired max & im gonna rest early tonight. Medical appointment the morning after, its so gonna cost me a bomb for the scans & consult. :(

Hopefully a good prognosis for me!