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Tricks to Baby Foot.

Friday, June 15, 2012 0 Comments

Exfoliating Foot Mask from GSS from Sasa was a great help to my heels. I used to only love my heel after a good pedicure scrub. But now, its like i got brand new heels with no scrub or blade. 

Simply "soak" your heels in this sock-type mask for 60mins to 90mins. Your foot will turn into a snake, shedding its skin in 1 week's time.

By the 3rd day, my skin came peeling off. It may be yucky & looks painful, but you just need to bare with it for a few days & it will all be over.

Now, my foot is like a baby's. Love the softness of it. Say goodbye to dead skins or cracked heels!

I found my favourite hair color dye from Etude House. I, forever a fan of pink, now fall in love with this "Mocha Pink" hair dye. Unfortunately, the attempt was unsuccessful on my hair as i just jet it black a month back, therefore, no effect seen after the dye, at all.

Kinda sad for the failed attempt & its a waste of money! Oh! Im going to curl my hair real soon. Kinda sick of rebonding, so time to try something new, & perhaps a new hairstyle too?