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Correct the Correction

Sunday, June 03, 2012 0 Comments

What beats the feeling of slacking at home with a chilled facial mask on a Sunday to dehydrate, brighten, relax & tighten your dull & stressed skin?  Oh, with a bowl of bird nest with ginko nuts! Awfully perfect!

Got these mask from Korea's gmarket. Brought over 100 of them at one go & it comes with 10 different ingredients with individual effect. Skin tone looks brightened & skin feels softer & moisted after use. 

I am very lazy to begin with therefore facial mask sheets are perfect for me. Uses them when im lazing in bed before sleep or during a boring weekend.

Chilled it in the fridge, paste them on your face & you go.. ..


This week was a short week for bby & myself. The boy was on course ystd & i went shopping with the C & R. Headed to SLS then midnight movie, MIB 3 & home. Early lunch & boyf got to book-in early today due to some test & im here lazing at home. Helped mum with the rice dumpling thereafter.

Oh my mum is so damn cute!

Mum: Let's make rice dumpling!
Me: I dont know how, you dont know either. -.-
Mum: Nvm, anyhow luh! Try try luh, just play with it!
Me: Ok! *FAINT*

Ultimately, i was the one wrapping all of them & mum turned into my assistant, preparing the leave & topping up the ingredients. She cannot make it luh. The dumpling literally commit sucide from the string attached & she laugh like mad. -.-

Surpringly, none came off the string when they were cooked. Im better than mummy, like finally!!! 

The other my mum turns, the cuter she became! LOL~ 
*she used to be a tiger when i was young*

Foot masking too! Will write about it after i seen results! Rest time!