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Granny's ill! :(

Monday, June 25, 2012 0 Comments

I'm glad I saw her smile!

Mum came up to me last night, sobbing away while breaking the news to me. Granny was hospitalized due to food poisoning. And according to aunt, she was confused & kept saying she wanted to sleep.

This is her first time admitting to the hospital. Everyone was very worried for her, hoping that her 80yrs odd body could take it.

Apparently, mum wanted to take the public bus all the way to malaysia. Was worried if she would go missing so I took urgent leave & wanted to accompany mum back to visit granny.

Thank god, daddy decide to take urgent leave so that he could drive us back.

Drove in at 6am, reached the hospital at 9pm. Granny looks fine & could walk & talk. Not confused at all, we then were relieved.

What's with the dress code rules in malaysia hospital? Wore shorts & they restricted me into the ward, but i walked in, ignoring. Why should they restrict what others wear in the ward? Not like we are in a very holy place. -.-

I'm not a local, why should they even care? Oh I'm a Chinese too! We Chinese don't hav religious restriction on attire, pls!

Should they advertise their own unique rules of malaysia, so that we could take note when we visit?

Since young, I don't stay with my grandparents. Would only visit them a couple of time in a year because they stayed in the next island, Malaysia.

Although the bond was not very strong, they are afterall my grandparents. I are still very dear to me.

Hopefully she can be discharged the morning after.

Speedy recovery, my dear granny! 💗