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Cleocat-Fashion Home Business [ADS]

Sunday, June 24, 2012 0 Comments

Recently, i was so tired of the long working hours, terrible shitty job scope & having to earn that teeny weeny bit monthly. With the high expenses, those earning are way too little! Who would complain "money too much??"

Investment, part-time job or some side lines to earn that little bit more for a more comfy life is what we could do.

Investment - needed big sum of cash, OUT.
Part-time job - too tired after a long shitty day, OUT.
Side line - Blogshop, CAN TRY?

But how should we start the ball rolling?

I found cleocat-fashion, a reputable wholesaler & they provide dropship home business services! 
Save your time to source for stocks because everything is provided for you. A-one-stop-shop!

Business - Online blogshop
Start-up cost - Free
Stocks - Provided by Cleocat-Fashion
Cost of goods - Wholesaler price
Shipping - Shipped by Cleocat-Fashion with a standard postage fee.

With the seeds provided, you could now plant the tree. All you need is to shower them with love & get ready for a fruitful ending!

Simple 3 steps:

1. Convert yourself into a dropshipping customer.
2. You just need to purchase the minimum credit of SGD150.
3. Start shopping for your favourite apparels from Hong Kong & Taiwan.

- Give yourself a chance to start a business. Who knows you could do it BIG!
- No expiry for your credit, with no startup cost. 
- You dont need to take care of your shipping issue, because Cleocat-Fashion oversees them.
- Shipping time is as short as 3 working days.
- Entitled to wholesaler price with no minimum purchase.
- Item reservation prioritized for dropshipping customer.

No harm involved. Turn yourself into a entrepreneur today! 

For free advertising, please email to little.misswendy@yahoo.com.sg ~