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One new bud!

Thursday, August 02, 2012 0 Comments

Thanks bby, for getting me a new member to accompany me in bed during sleep.  She is the cutest rabbit i hav seen so far. Nice to cuddle with the towel-like material. Exactly like a baby to me! Comes with alot of pattern, colors & 3 different size (L, M, S).

Oh mine was the M. Its even cuter if you could get a family of it. 

I am getting abit moody recently. Due to work related issues. Body is not in a good shape, with aches everywhere especially at the back, neck, ankle & knee. Its a work hazard +++!

Happy Nurse's Day to the bravery that delicated their love, care, concern, time & health to everyone out there. They are definitely noble! People, please learn how to appreciate & respect them!! TYVM! 

Phone is getting quiet! I, need some news from somebody.

Getting sick & tired of the everyday routine. I, need something new to get involved with. Its getting so stagnant that i feel like sick & tired of it.

Bby's course is ending soon, in less than a month's time, so meaning he is breaking free! Im really feeling happy for him! Cant wait for that day. We are planning for a getaway, but the issue is - WHERE? Dont have a place in mind. Considering BKK, but the air ticket is rather expensive now.

Oh man! Some miracle, please please please HAPPEN! :)