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Footprint of ❤

Sunday, July 22, 2012 0 Comments

I found the meaning of, love, 04022012!

Many a time, I was willful, mulish & impatient with you. Because i know, you love me therefore you will forgive me, so i didnt think before my action. Primitively, i know you love the 3 photos with all your heart because they are the memories of our love. Knowing that i should not delete, i still deleted them because i find them fugly.

I know you are flamy angry over it, i still twitted ignorant phrases without thinking much. I felt lost when you ignored me. I decided to kept quiet because i didnt know how to make you heed me again.

You asked me to reflect my action, & castigate with a 5000 word essay. But you changed your mind because of love. 

With you, you showed me the meaning of ❤!
I truly appreciate all your small little actions & surprises each time.  

He surprised me with a bouquet of flowers on Val 2011 at 1PM, waited for me till i knock off at 6PM but i refused to go out with him.
He knows that i would get mosquito attack at granny's place so he specially delivered mosquito repellent to my place the night before.
He researched on all insect repellent in Singapore before he got one for me the night before i head to granny's place.
He never fail to send me home, after each day out/on days we met by incident on the MRT.
He never fail to carry all my stuff for me on every date.
He delievers lunch to my workplace on his day off.
He sacrifice his sleeptime, wakes up early to fetch me from work on saturday.
He put up with all my nonsense, every time.
He takes me out with him on friend's meetups because he feels proud of having me.
He dislike me to club, but he ferried me to the club, bid goodbye, headed home after i entered the club.
He cycled to my place at 3.30AM, just to make sure i am safely home after clubbing.
He wants me to put on weight, but paid for my diet pills.
He is willing to listen to my rant, analyse & give suggestion to every problem i have.
He came over to my place every weekend because he knows i felt uncomfortable when im at his place.
He tried his best when i/family asked him for help.
He googled to read up on the dos/donts when i am down with UTI.

I know, HE suffered & did alot for me, for the past 2 ~ 3 years. Its HE & HIS ACTIONS! They made me see the truth of love.

Thank you bby!