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Blessed, with you!

Saturday, August 11, 2012 0 Comments


To BKK with bby! Finally decided on the venue for our short vacation during his short 1 week leave. Was in BKK in April, & im going back again 5 months later, in end August. Gonna shop like mad, again!

Trying out the new airline, Scoot & a new hotel, Siam Swana Hotel just behind Asia Hotel which i stayed in April. Working hard to research on the shopping areas as im not very farmiliar with BKK, so does bby. Hopefully, i still have vivid memories of the places i hav been in April.

Im so so so looking forward to it!  

Hair is abit getting messier. Need some tidying, but i just perm it. (The perming was kinda failure due to my rebonding) Was contemplating whether to snip it short & let it grow all over again, but bby condemn the idea. Arghh!

This week was the first time i met bby for 7 consecutive days, without fail because he got to book out daily. Yay, 2 more weeks till his course end, & he will be a free-der man. YAY!

Again, i hope that god answer my prayer! I need to release myself from this kinda life.


But luckily, god gave me him, & im blessed to have him. The him that would be patient with me & tolerate all my nonsense, everytime, without fail. Thats my boy!