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BKK 25th - 28th

Saturday, September 01, 2012 0 Comments

Our very first 4D3N getaway via Scoot airline. The totally shopping trip for me. Took the Airport railway from Suvambhumi to Phaya Thai, then transited to BTS skytrain to Ratchathewi. Travelling was quite convenient & fast.

First try out at Siam Swana Hotel, located just behind Asia Hotel, which is 2 mins away from Ratchathewi BTS. Hotel was quite small, but was at least comfortable & convenient. Check in was pretty late, at around 9PM local time.

Dinner in a restaurant, located just beside out hotel after check-in. Food was superb, especially the kiwi smoothies. Its made from authentic kiwi and syrup.

Woke up early the morning after, trained to Chatuchut at BTS Mo chit. Was a super big marketplace, if you were to look through every store, it will take you days. However, the weather wasnt very great. Raining cats & dogs but was cooler because of the rain.

Dinner with bby's friend at night at MBK. Anyway, was bby's birthday.

Wented to their thai ?club/disco. First time there & was quite amused. The figure of the dancer was superb, but some were lady boys. Envy max. Was a little depressed after because i feel fat.

Platimum & Pantip Plaza on the 3rd day. Shop till drop. Dinner was at Yawarat which is known as Chinatown. Took a tutuk there, super cool but damn dangerous because the driver was super reckless.

Hence the trip was nice. I didnt want to come back, but still i got to. Wanted to get this pair of Chanel earrings at the airport's DFS but sadly, it was revamping. Therefore, bby brought me to Taka's one & he got me this, chosen by him personally.

A love, from the love. :))