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Fresher look.

Saturday, September 15, 2012 0 Comments

A 3 hour hairdo makes me feel fresher - rebond, cut, blow & treatment. Thanks bby for the 3 hrs wait. He is so patience that he waited without pulling any face or pestering about the wait time, at all!

I love man with abundance of patience. He even waited for me while I was on Ladies' maintenance - manicure/pedicure. How nice!! Felt quite guilty when I ran out of patience with him at times. I should be more patience towards him too!

Even the hairstylist & manicurist praise him for having that kinda patience. Felt so good & proud when someone pass some good remark of boyf!

Mooncake festival is around the corner. Goodwood park snow skin mooncake for my parents, snow skin durian mooncake from Home Favourites for the Wang family. The packing is extraordinaryly cute!

Packed like a birthday cake! Smth special to present the elderly with.

Hav been feeling damn stressed up & upset with assignment, school matters and of cos the f* up job! Everything is coming against me.

Firstly, assignment unable to submit due to some glitch. Emailed to course manager, but was unable to get a satisfied answer. Inefficient university & ineffective course manager. Looks like I might need to waste 1yr of my time waiting for their reply.

Although almost everything didn't went smoothly, I'm please to hav you in my life! ♥

Nothing felt as good as knowing the someone in life that actually love you skin deep, other than your family.”