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Sunday, September 16, 2012 0 Comments

Now i really understand the meaning of "命"!

Initially, i thought facial was going through a period of relaxation. But im totally wrong! Its going through a period of hell too. Had my first facial done yesterday, scares me a little, but still worth the pain!

The beautician was gentle on me, sounds humble, looks radiant & was pretty too. Firsly, she examined my skin type/condition & then proposed a series of treatment suitable for me. Therefore i chose the diamond peel & an emzyme mask. 

Firstly, she started off with 2 types of facial cleanser, one after another. Then she put on an emzyme mask for hydration & revitalization purpose as my cheeks are always peeling & my nose area are always sensitive.

Following the mask, she did the diamond peel. Initially i though diamond peel was something like a mask made from bits of diamond & you apply then peel off the impurities from the mask. But i was totally wrong! 

Apparently, it is a machine that takes away your dead skins/cells. It exfoliates your skin by using multi-degree diamond tipped wand through continuous scrubbing & vaccuming the top-most layer of the skin.
It helps improve uneven skin tone, aging spots, superficial acne scars, sun-damaged sking & aging fine lines, dry rough skin & large pores, leaving your skin baby smooth!

Afterwhich, it was the torturing part! I was told to have quite a few clotted pores. She then used a needle to prick my pimples and a comedone extractor to expel the content of a comedone - blackheads, whiteheads, milia. She then squeezes out the hard little pellet or fluid deep inside the pimple.

Its really so painful that i kept shouting & hitting the bed, shouting for help. Tears kept rolling down my cheeks while she did the extraction. So painful can!

After the extraction, she calm my face with a rose water mask for about 10mins & started with the face massage. The massage was superb! She then applied an ampule and a mask over my face & she started off with the back massage. She did well with the massage as it took like 30mins.  

Hot citron tea to sum up the 2hrs session!

Face was quite blemish & inflamed after the facial but it went off after a night sleep. Not really a bad experience, but was told it will gradually be better after each session as it will minimize clotted pores over time. If this could gave me radiant & flawless skin, i dont mind going through this kind of suffer every month.