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The sliest stratagem.

Friday, October 26, 2012 0 Comments

25th October marks the end of my 2Years, 1Month and 12Days of adventure in ERS, an arduous journey in Camden.

Tendered on 1st October & supposedly, my last day was on 31st Oct but i was told by my managers on 25th Oct, 4:45PM informing me that i was granted early dismissal due to my good record, so i can start packing & go now. So this is what the management is only capable of doing, not to me but to others too.

Nonetheless, i was more than happy to go off early. Got paid till my last day which was on the 31st, why not? Its a good deal for me.

But on the other hand, this action may make others think that the company may be acting in collusion for other plans. They are not transparent at all! In course of time, these will intrigue others & let other employee realize their forthcoming consequences.

Although I can't deny that doctors are remarkably professional in their expertise, but then this is an issue of integrity. Personally, i think the entire management failed to gain trust & respect from the employee.

Over the years, I have realistically witness the different characteristic & behavior of many individual in the working environment. They may seem nice, kind & caring but on the other hand they are so plastic, sly, crafty etc. Cruel as it is, many still exist everywhere.

Although life was tough these 2 years (some people just lazed around but got away with it because they know how to act infront of bosses therefore those stupid ones will need to work their ass off without getting any accreditation), there are still wonderful colleagues around me.

One lesson learnt: Not all hard work pays. Not everyone appreciate your effort, it depends on what type of company you are working for. Not everyone is your friend. The manager is your manager, not your friend.

This is life!

There will be awful vivid memories but not forgetting wonderful ones. They truly motivate me through.

PS: If anyone of you felt guilty after reading this post then you will think that this post is against you, else it's just a post, describing about my life experiences. Duh❣

Thank you guys for the wonderful memories. ☻