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You are no longer part of me.

Sunday, December 02, 2012 0 Comments

After having years of uber long hair, I finally decide to snip it away. It was a very hesitant decision, & with tons of courage to cut to or not? Moreover, due to all the chemical treatment, my ends are serverly damaged. 

Bby's first reaction was, "NO WAY!". He objected to the slighest bit & after explaining, he understood my point & supported me to go for it. 

Thanks for Casey's recommendation to a quite taxing hairstylist but I'm quite satisfied with the finish style. And thank you to my dearest who waited for me through the entire haircut with treatment.

However, it needs lotsa maintenance in the future, with regular treatment and trims to maintain this length. Bby says, "You shall maintain this hairstyle until further notice."