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Teeny updates

Tuesday, December 11, 2012 1 Comments

Work, school & date! I kinda love working as of now. Lovely colleagues & understanding boss that always make my day.

Down with mega powerful virus. Fever for 8 solid days accompanied by sore throat, cough & flu. The typical URTI. However, the very not compliant me still junk like a boss. Till now, the sore throat is still there & colleagues say my tonsils are superly huge.

As for school, I wassnt very compliant to those lessons as well. Missed quite abit & I hav yet to start any assignment which due in 3 weeks' time! Need to really force myself to get the ass moving!

My date was as usual, sweet & understanding. Had some sweet talk about past memories & some secret sharing over dinz just nw. The memorable old days & my so abrupt temper.

Thank god, my life is perfect now! ☻