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1 down, 2 more!

Sunday, January 13, 2013 0 Comments

Presentation last week, final revision this week. Next week marks the end of year 3 for BABM6!

So sad it's not the last for me. Well, 2 more modules/semester & a thesis to end my degree program. I can't wait! Feel abit reluctant to join BABM7 for the next 2 module. BOO!

Super no confident for this coming exam. This topic acts as a summing up for the entire course but I did my last sem first instead therefore, I'm pretty lost. Hopefully I can pass this tough exam!

Gonna study hard for this week. Freaking 15 topics to digest in one week! Gonna study smart; pick important topics and heck care about the others!

All the best to the BABM6s!