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Sunday, December 04, 2005 0 Comments

hmm..ystd was a long dae..hmm..mi n lynnie went to clementi at 2..den we go adell shop do pedicure..den may do first..den i wanted to do..bt suddenly gt customer come in so no time do mine n lynnie de oli do half..lols..hmm..den we go acessories shop c c..den took a cab down to de auntie hse..den reach there near 4..hu noes she nt at hm..den we waited in her hse for an hr..lols..tat was long..den when she came bek it was abt 5 le..hais..den we started rebondin n cuttin n so on..omg..my fringe so short sia..omg..i dunno hw sia..abit weird lei..i tink..den aft tat we go eat mac..den we go prime shop shop aft tat..hahas..ystd dearr go work..2 shift seh..omg..he metal man..=/ lols..den later goin out wif him..hmm..ok..shall end here..=))