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Wednesday, December 07, 2005 0 Comments

hmm..holidae le..hahas..hmm..has been goin outta everiidae..OMGG..hmm..ystd went to marina bay to eat steamboat wif dine, lizhen, chin fang, yong jian, cara, marissa, sapp n her bf..woo..went there at 5.30 liddat..n can u imagine we ate til 9.30? lols..we r pro eaters eh? lols..den we go dobby guat play pool n we reached there at 10+..den we al dun quite noe hw to play so we opened 2 tables..de other table played 5games arld n we were stil stucked in de 1st game..strugglin..lols..can u imagine we were so slow? lols..den aft tat game mi n sapp played another 4games den we go hm le.. by de time it was 11.30pm le..den we were stuck there cos we missed de last train..lols..so we wonder ard to a bus stop n lucky there was stil bus 14 so mi, dine, sapp n her bf board de bus den they alight at AH tat stop..den dearr wann cum down fetch mi frm clementi de..bt later i took dine's dad car hm..n when i reach hm it was like 1am..lols..den was berli tired..lols..bt berli fun n fun~ hahas

todae mush stay at hm le..later noon den go work..hmm..cya ^^