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Monday, November 14, 2005 0 Comments

hoho..tis few daes do nth at hm..weekends oso sian..die lar..hais...bt sat i went to bob hse..hahas..had alot of nice fd..den aft tat i wanted to go out..bt my frens al cant makkit..sian..den cum hm so earli..hais....lols..den sun i gd ger..stay at hm..do nth..so sian..n de time pass so slow..hais..todae noon shift..i m gonna get super tired tis week cos 3 noon shift n 2 mornin shifts which i gonna go work aft tat..kao..tis wk i m doomed..lols..n i was thinkin if i can find urine c/s tis skills nt..cos by nxt wk we nid to passup our logbk..missy eh...jiayou lei!!! hahas..oks lar..nth to update..bye ^^