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Friday, November 04, 2005 0 Comments

hmm..todae stupit lar..my oral medication compitency ish so near to signin n den....hais..sdupit..FARK lor..makes mi so mad..bt nvm..hmm..todae..hoho..get bek my logbk..got some commends..dunno ish bad or wad..msm quek wanns mi to b a changed person..a person wif confidence? gosh..how m i gonna change? hais..i reali dunno..a person of my own mind? how sia? i oso dunno..hais..todae last dae in ward 3..kinda she bu de..i oso dunno y..ish so busii..hais.. hope my surgical 2 ish a pleasant 1..ward 12..here i come~