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Saturday, October 15, 2005 0 Comments

oudof de blue..i mishh eux lots..hais..dunno y? hais..perhaphs i lyfve eux too much..bt owas bluffin myself to numb muhself from tinkin if eux..hais..hmm..dunnoe y..got berli vexed abt tis matter too..LYFVE* hais..dunnoe wad to do..i realii m lost in de werl of lyfve..aniibodii..wad should i do? lyv everytinn to fate? or to achieve it muhhself? hais..*VEXED* lyfve`hurxt_____

you xie shi wo mei shou dan wo you gan jie-
you xie xhi wo mei shou shi ying wei wo zhi dao jie guo-

na ni zhi dao ma?