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Thursday, October 13, 2005 0 Comments

haiyo..tired tired n tired! todae damn tired seh..2 student nia..-.-'' hmm..todae first tiingg i walked into de ward..i saw bed 19 n bed 2 's patient missin..dey died ystd! OMG..hais..dey were DIL..hais..two like kinda same case..den nobodii gort to do last office..fated not to let us do n get signed? hais..todae mdm quek not here again..den evreytime she not here..sure lotsa skills to let her see..bt she ish not ard..but when she is here..nobodii haf anii skills..weird eh? hais..todae mi in male side as usual..female side no student..n dey kip askin mi go female side..bt die die i managed to stay at male side clingin to bob..lols..lotsa work..damn tired..do changin for both side..OMG..female side i do wif myrna..den male side i do wif bob..den when we were changin our 3rd last patient..de sister walked towards us..in our mind we was like 'shit..scoldin us le..nvm..scold scold lor ' bt she din! wad a surprise! she tok to us in a berli nice manner! de werl ish changin eh?! lols..den we was so shocked..lols..phew~ no lecture..lols..den lotsa changin to do..do til my sweat ish drippin n its damn hot! hais..wee..tml ish holi for al ITE..*hohoho* tml goin out..long time din go out le..due to de busii`ness..lols..oks..stop til here.

P.S: lynniie..see..i haf updated it le. =p