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Tuesday, September 27, 2005 0 Comments

todae go endo..gosh..hmm..well quite sian at first..burt aft tat berli interestin..there ish yandao oso sia..like jay zhou!! >.< so handsome..den kip on peepin on him..=X den took foto of him in his 'file'..lols..den we saw alot of scope..its magnificiant! its jus a small lil scope n it can view ur whole stomach or colon n can even control wad u wanna do or see..wow..ish an eye opener dae..keke..den went ward 3 to take de drip stand..OMGG!! chaotic sia..i m gonna haf 5weeks of medical nitemares! shit lor..hais..tink they wil make mi half dead..lols..so sian..kena seperated frm joanne..urg..den tml workin same ward wif zhu til nxt week..wO.Ot..hahas..hmm..sian..hais..kinda tired..urgg..oks..end here..tata~