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Thursday, July 14, 2005 0 Comments

t0dae was a berlie sway dae. hais. in de m0rning, i cudden find my ez link card. was s0 agitated. dden when iwent t0 w0rk t0dae. dunn0e y seems restless n tired. hais. a bad dae for mi lar. den when we take report tat time. i suddenly feel berlie bad n nearly fainted. my vision was in total darkness for a couple of seconds n den slowly it turned bek to normal. everyone was berlie worried for mi. *tankiew my dear frens* =)) den i took a rest in de tea rm n after tat i feel much better n continued my work. aft tat do my same old routine. den when it was abt 8.30 tat time i wanted to feed bed 12 NGT feeding. den ayu was takin parameters for bed 9. suddenly she sae no pulse den i feel de pulses was damn weak. n aft a couple of seconds, de E-trolley was pushed to his bedside. n they tried to resist him bt in de end, it was nt sucessful to make him survive n he was pronounced dead. it was so sad n he was like slpin away aft his death. well. feel sad for him. now i gonna make 'tankiew' card for my ward bcos tml ish our last dae. *hip hip horray* haha. aft tat ish my HNF postin. lookin forward to it ^^ ok. update when i m free ^^