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Monday, May 23, 2005 0 Comments

hmm..t0dae was a b0ring dae..aftern00n went t0 jp..haha..den came bek..wee..den adrian daddy called mi..asked mi wanna w0rk an0rt..was s0 happy..c0s was w0rryin wad t0 d0 during de h0li..c0s i'll be b0red t0 death..burt 0li w0rk f0r 2 daes nia..better den nth th0u..will be w0rkin wif daddy n dine..hahas..den tml g0in t0 checkup at KKH..will be mittin dine at 9.45..haf ppl pei w0 g0..('',) hais..den my timetable..f0r tis week..tml g0 checkup..den wed g0 f0r briefin f0r de w0rkin ting..den thur n fri w0rk..den nxt week m0n g0 f0 c0 n de drum register tingie..den 4th june g0 mlysia f0r a week..den de f0ll0win week will be free till sia0..den de last week 0f h0li will be g0in t0 de drumming rehearsal n de main ting..den skul re0pen..n ready f0r attachment~ th0u i m quite scared 0f attachment..c0s we'll be handling wif human lifes..scary..wad if i did smth wrng tat caused harm t0 de patient..*CHOY!!* hahas..well..i'll update til here..tata~