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Tuesday, May 10, 2005 0 Comments

hmm..n0w i m c0pying n pasting n0tes in e-tut0r..hais..in skul MLC..hais..s0 stress..mi actually ran 0ut 0f miss lang less0n..=/ well, abit dui bu qi ta..c0s de less0n realie b0red mi t0 death..n kinda waste my time s0 mi, j0ey, vickie, step n zhu actually decided t0 g0 MLC c0py n0tes instead 0f wasting time there..=/ hmm..t0day la0 tian y0u yan..keke..actually p0n bi0 xtra less0ns n sara went missing..busy i supp0se n it was canceled..keke..lucky sia..hahas..sara everytime liddat..2nd time lia0 w0r..hais..busy den dun request us c0me f0r xtra less0n mah..waste my time sia..nxt time n0e her pattern can dun c0me lia0..haha..hmm..sian.see de c0m screen til pa jia0 lia0..stare at de c0m screen frm 1+ til 4 can die..y haf behai0ural sci lecture later? hmm..shall end here..wee..tml last time attend less0n..thur n fri n0 nid g0 skul..wee..it r0xs man..hahaas..ee..i miss la0 g0ng..>.< *tink p0sitive, time will pass quickkly de* h0pe he study n can pass bah..n h0pe he ish d0ing fine n d0es well f0r his xams..^^ hmm..aft xam attachment lia0 l0e..will be m0re stress l0e..hais..0ks..i update when i haf time nxt time bah..rushing t0 behavi0ural sci lecture..g0nna be study week le..realie mush hardc0re study le..if n0rt..it will be like n lvl..i dunwan de hist0ry t0 repeat 0n mi..i cant tahan de bl0ww..=X hahaas..tata* `missDearr__muacks*