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test ; test ; test n 0li test!

Saturday, May 07, 2005 0 Comments

hmm..test makes mi mad..well, taken bek my bi0..luckily i passed..hehe..hmm..burt de bi0 cher, mdm sara teach bi0 i catch n0 ball..hais..die sia..n my p0sting ish 0ut!!! hahas..was s0 eager tat dae when de p0sting was 0ut..well, went t0 AH..hmm.rather 0ld burt quite near lar..was de same team wif dine..n wad makes mi happy was zhu, steph n dine g0rt de same hosp as mi..0li tat zhu n steph nxt gr0up n i was de same gr0up as dine..hehe..hmm..n g0rt jjur0ng p0ly..eek..its 0li bside my sec skul..hais..n g0rt wulu wulu h0me care f0undati0n..dunn0e where 0s0..l0ls..well..cant mit dearr f0r 3 wks..hais..>.< c0s study n 21th may had bbq at albert's hse..hehe..hmm..h0pe h0li arrive fast fast s0 tat can slp..hehe..n maybe i w0rking..hmm..n0 $..=/ hahas..0k..i update ya again nxt time when i haf time..pr0bably nxt week?? hehe..

dearr..i wanted t0 tell u tis..dunn0e whether u will n0e wad i feels 0r wad..w0 hen gu0 yi bu chui..bc0s mi makes u cant see mi f0r 3weeks..c0s 0f de stupit xams..c0s tis determines if i can g0 p0ly..hais..i m s0rlie..hais..well..i will study hardn pass with all my mights..and h0pe my dreams can be alife again..hais..h0pe u r fine with0ut mi..n pls take care 0f urself pr0perly..hais..m i being selfish?? m i??

jus wanna sae ' I M SORLIE! '