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Wednesday, May 25, 2005 0 Comments

t0dae wake n den eat n d0 hsew0rk..hmm..n0w finished le..when i was m0ppin..suddenly many qns p0p int0 my mind..qns tat i cant even ans myself..0ut 0f de sudden..i feel tat i m a failure in everyting..i wish i wun die immediately t0 sh0rten my misery..hais..dunn0e..dunn0e n l0tsa dunn0e! WENDY JUS SUX SIMPLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[[why all de ppl u like leave u 1 by 1 n de bad dun g0es? y g0d likes t0 make fun 0f ppl? y 0was de pers0n u lurve m0st hurt u m0st? wad m i n0w? i m l0st..sh0uld i blief in everyting? ish everyting a pian ju? WAD DE HELL M I TINKIN N TRYIN TO DO AND WAD I WAN?? i realie ish l0st..in a far far away island~]]

n0w de msn cant use..stupit tingie..everyting in de w0rld seems t0 be bullyin mi..hais..stupit w0rld..stupit mi! n0w waiting f0r time t0 pass..g0in t0 exp0..hais..sian..ha0 sian..ha0 nan gu0..hais..lurve hurttx..lurve sux..nth ish gd! hais..hmm..sian..ha0 men..ha0 nan gu0..hais..nth seems t0 be like mine n0w..everyting seems t0 be apart fr0m mi..u t00..hais..life jus sux! g0ne t0 die..=> bye!