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exciting dae.

Monday, September 26, 2005 0 Comments

woo..todae ish interesting! work started at 8..cos we go to de CSSD and Operating Theatre..it was real fun..first we went to de operating theatre den we changed into surgeon-like clothing n slippers n cap..it was as if we r goin into de theatre to operate humans..hahas..i wish i could see a case bt too bad todae no luck..no minor surgery so we cant get to see any case..so dissapointed..den mi, cara n maryamah took pics of ourself in de operating theatre outfit..real cool..hahas..den aft tat we go to de CSSD..we did de same ting..changed into de surgeon-like clothings..dunhaf S so i took L it was kns! so big..de length of de pants ish double my waist..gosh..can u imagine how big it was..i took L shirt too..it look majiam i pregnant liddat..lols..we haf to change cos its a sterile field..hahas..was kinda excited..seen how they autoclave al de tings n equipments and we help them to wrap de equipments b4 lettin it into de autoclave machine..its seems like we r wrapping xmas or burfdae presents..lols! bt its a pity its a half dae attachment..hais.. den we had an hr lunch n off to de ward..shit..so sian..bt zhu tat team ish in de ward too..done admission..oh gosh..so scary..cos first time..mi so kanjiong..everyting was blank in mi..luckily muh fren help mi..hahas..*relief hahas..den tml ish endo posting..realli look forward to it..=))