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Thursday, September 15, 2005 0 Comments

aarloo..hmm..todae is thurs mornin again..lols..hmm..mon was a damn sian dae..din go out..bt tue i ask zhu pei mi go out..haha..we go bugis, tiong bahru plaza, n sumwhere near AH..hahas..den go walk walk..go so manii place cos i wanted to find my metal earstick which has bola bola at de end..finally i found it at tiong bahru chamelon..cos when attachment starts mi cant wear ear stud cos i pierce at de top of de ear loop..hahas..ystd was slackin at hm..den dine ask mi out so go imm n jp..den go jp do pedicure..lols..den i was rushin for work oso..lols..hahas..ystd was a lucky mi..saw a advertisment outside de clinic at de mrt there so called n i gort de job n started workin ystd evenin..hmm..worked 2hrs..every shift..hahas..it was a clinic assistant job tat i owas wanted to work as n ystd i gort it..=)) lucky mi eh? n its quite near to muh place..n de pay ish quite gd..hahas..bt there ish a clash on fri..make mi so fan..so i tinkin a way out..hahas..hmm..den todae later mittin joanne..hahas..wanted to go al hosp collect application bt i dunnoe if there is a change of idea cos i dun tink uhm gonna be bonded..cos i m afraid..lols..hmm..dunno lar..later den see how lar..hahas..sian now..hmm..shall end here..=)) tata..