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Monday, September 12, 2005 0 Comments

jiu ming! wo yao sian si le..rottin at hm..bcumin bones liao!! hais..dunnoe y holi stil so sian..workin daes also sian..hais..hmm..wee..case study do finish le..oli i heben find out de use of de medicine my patient ish taking..haha..den no nid tink of case study anymore..cos berlie difficult! hais..n i forget to see wad surgery my patient is hafin..oops..bt she heben go for opt b4 i took her case..nvm..hahas..hmm..i m missin my dear patients..hahas..most of them so cute bt some berlie irritating..bt wad to do? they are my patients..hehe..hmm..sian..hais..wo hen sian..shui lai jiu wo?