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Friday, September 16, 2005 0 Comments

hoho..another dae over..which ish ystd..its nearer nearer to mon..which is attachment once again started..hmm..wil be busy le..hais..attachment oso tired..bt holi so sian..hais..hmm..ystd go orchard wif joanne..we all ru chi..den kinda lost bt we manage to go to de place we wan..well..hmm..i found out tat joanne is de same as mi..lols..hmm..den we go window shoppin..ee..no $ go shoppin berlie sian..den go take picka..originally we wanted to go al hosp to apply for sponsorship to try our luck..bt we r kinda unable to decide whether to takeup sponsorship anot so we intent to ask abt mdm quek's opinion den decide..bt for mi..i dun tink i wil..hahas..den mi, joanne n geraldine go apply for de arcade job..bt i tink i m down wif luck den dey choose mi..wtf..den i tink i gonna reject it..hais..cos its kinda tough to haf 2 jobs at a time..hais..den smth unwanted happened..hais..hmm..sian..hais..todae gonna stay at hm rot again..hahas..hmm..hen sian..hais! later haf to work..lucky smth to do..hahas..ok.write til here..