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Sunday, September 18, 2005 0 Comments

tml wil b de normal mi again..5.45am, wearin nursin uniform, walkin to de bus-stop, waitin for bus, waitin for joanne at de mrt station, n settin off to AH, den preparin for report takin, showerin patients, feedin patients, changing patients n blahh blahh blahh n bek hm..whoosh..jus de normal routine job for mi once again..in a blink of an eye..3weeks of holis ish over n now ish workin hard time..hais..when holis tat time is so borin bt when attachment starts..its real hard work again..hmm..well..i dunnoe wad to sae n i dunno if i m jus goin jus like tat to pass muhh tis 2yrs or m i likin de job? hmm..i tink its half half bah..cos when u helped de patients..their tankiew will lightens up ur daes n encourage u to continue on wad u r doin..its a kind of satisfaction tat wil surround ur hrt..n when they r gone..its kinda of sad for u see-in them goin hm or pass away cos there ish tis kinda 'feelings' u had for them..hmm..well..actually tis is mayb wad i wan..smtimes i feels happy aft work bt smtimes wil tink i m so tiring n gosh lotsa work to do makes mi shagg..hmm..mayb tis ish wad normal ppl tinks or mayb its mi oli lar..hmm..like every sat n sun when i watch de chn 8, 7pm show..it gifs mi a feelin of satisfaction bcus wad they r doin ish smtin similar to us..hahas..so i likes de show alot..well..tml attachment starting..i should wrk hard again to achieve wad i wans to b n to achieve my goals in muhh future..i alreadi lost 1 of my future bt tis ish a chance again to let mi achieve a diff goal..hmm..i realised tat i haf choose de rite route up til now bah..kampatay!~