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Tuesday, September 20, 2005 0 Comments

omgg..ystd startin of work..hmm..ward 10 ish not as chaotic as ward 3 n 11..its damn free..except some wantin bedpans, toilets, changin of pampers..den nth liao..as for bathin..most of them r ambulating themself n those hu cant will bed sponge them..was kinda free lar..hahas..den when its pass 3..mi n joanne din't noe cos de stupit ger dunwan look aft her cubicle den we haf to help her..knn! tokin to de patient den cares abt nth..everytime liddat de..wtf!?! den was happily wantin to go hm..den suddenly a call n ask mi go work..wahh..was damn tiring..den aft work go ah yee hse take mooncakes den hm i go..hahas..was a tirin dae..was tinkin todae noon..tml morning..den stil gort to work tml evening n de nxt dae mornin again..oh goshhhh!!!!!! wad a tiring lyf!!!!!!!!