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Sunday, October 09, 2005 0 Comments

fri..hmm..workin in de noon shift..hmm..de uncle tat happened to be found out by bob n mi tat dae was dead..hais..hmm..dead in de mornin..10+..haiyo..so fast eh? he was admitted 3 daes ago..n den dead..lyf ish unpredictable eh? haiyo..

woo..sun le..hmm..tml workin again..n tml goin bek to campus..hahas..for foto-takinn..wee..can see frens again..sian lor..mush finish work den can go bek campus..kns! hmm..sian lor..todae wanted to go bugis wif lynni de..bt she sick..den din go le..so sian at hm..weekends ish so sian..bt so happii on fri cos gonna weekends le..bt hais..dunno lar..oks lar..update til here..=))