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Tuesday, October 11, 2005 0 Comments

tue le..quickly jump to fri..i tink i'll b buyin fone on sat or sun..wee* hmm..todae was damn damn busy..stupit lor..dun even haf time for 2nd break bt de cute myrna ask mi to go for 2nd break at 1.15..late eh? hmm..i hate todae staffs..stupit..de AN damn slow..den do nth de..like as if new de..den de staff nurse lei..owas ' student help mi do tis , student help mi do tat! ' tink wad? we al ur slaves eh? n dun even sae a tankiew lor..stupit..all para push to us student..den bob do 3rd cubicle den i do 1st n 2nd..den de 12pm para al i do..tink wad? when i m in de mid of doin tings..owas ' student do tis first den cont ur stuff ' wtf?! berli dulan lor..3.05 le..i wan go hm le..stil ask mi help take temp for bed 18..she dunno how to do eh? stupit! hate tat SN sia..DULAN~! tis ward ish gettin more n more sucky! den tings al push to student..SN oli do SN stuff..den if u haf a gd AN gd lar..dey wil help..if not..sorlie eh..de ward ish kinda belong to us student! hais..gettin sick n tired of para, ward 3 n staffs ! hope muh medi 2 posting quickly over..although tis ish not as busy as muh first postin..bt de staff ish al so suxy now..cos alot of new staffs..URGG!! I HATE WORKING!!! i gonna buck up on muh skills..mor signatures pls~ =X