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fuckinn arsss!

Tuesday, October 04, 2005 0 Comments

farkinn arsss! stupit red head monster! gosh..muhh lyf now ishh so farkin damn dulan! ward 3 ish totally changed..i dunno y..i once tot of it as a berli nice place wif nice missys..bt now i tink i m wrng! totally wrng! it wasnt like tis 2mths ago..hais..tis postin ish tough i can sae..sure alot of scoldin..perhaphs take it as trainin for patience bah..de AN..tmd..kuku..stupit..now i noe y zhu sae de ish true! stupit stupit! first dae come kena scoldin..den todae in de early mornin..first ting ish scoldin again..kao kao kao!!!! hais..put water inside firdge kena throw away..wad is tis man?!?!? hais..sian.............I CANT TAKE IT ANIIMORE!!!!! URGGGGGGGGGGG