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hapii =)

Saturday, October 15, 2005 0 Comments

todae holi for mii..for ITE..*wee* den woke up at 11..den prepare to go out den mit dine at 2 to go n c hp..hahas..buyin nokia 3230 i suppose..cos no other fone i like liao..hmm..den aft tat mit steph n zhu at 4 in orchard cineleisure..hahas..den walk walk awhile..den joey came..den we go party-werl sing..lols..so fun..sang non-stop..bt zhu went off at 8+ cos her mum wans her to go hm look aft bro..hais..wth! poor her..den hais..so sad for her..den we sang til 11..woots* tats late..den went to buy food to eat den took train hm..reached hm at abt 12.30..wow..de latest i ever get! lols..bt was damn fu..sang til no sound le..gonna b voiceless tml perhaphs..vent my anger on singin i suppose..hahas..guys..happii todae? lols..oks..now ish rather later..zzzZ..tired le..ish berli..keke..most prob mii goin buy fone tml..^^ here i cum~