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Friday, November 04, 2005 0 Comments

ystd PH..hahas..went outta wif lynnie, yan n coffee..lols..den we went to sentosa siloso beach..wanna go sun`tan..bt no sun lei..how to? lols..hmm..den wanted to buy wine..so ask rein help us buy breezer..lols..i brought de lime flavour de..den hu noes tat i took a bottle..aft a few mins..my face was so red..like tomatoes..lols..hafin tachycardia..den i cud feel my pulses jumpin in my head..felt high..n its like my soul issnt in my body..lols..den aft a while..felt berli slplii n feelin to vomit..lols..den we went hm..walked to habourfront mrt cos de que for de bus ish damn long..was feelin hypo too..den took train bek to jp..went to haf our dinner at kfc..bt i haf no appetite..lols..eat oli a few french fries..lols..den quickly went hm bath n slp..felt so terrible..lols..wad a lousii drinker i m~ lols..>.<