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Wednesday, November 02, 2005 0 Comments

ohh~ so manii daes din update blog liao..hmm..lots of tings to sae..


i was hapiili slpin when suddenly sree asked called mi saein tat i was mornin shift..cos i assumed tat i was noon shift..so i had a shock n quickly changed n took a cab down..reached there at 7.40 den haf to pay bek an hr..n i worked til 4pm..den aft tat mit my sis n i go order cake for my mum's burfdae..an unluckii dae eh?


hapii deepavali~ in de mornin when to baraithi hse..she invited us to go..go there makan..she cooked for us..so nice of her eh..luckiili todae din diahoer.. lols..den when to jalan jalan in jp den collected muhh mum's cake n went hm..haha..at nite..we celebrate for her cos wed i noon shift..hahas


todae noon shift..mit joanne n rein..den we go AH..in de mid of de journey saw lynnie..den tml goin sentosa to sun`tan..wee~ i duwann b fair fair..looks like PRC ppl eh? den todae team 1 bed 7 pass awae..den mi n yuling did last office<'da bao'> for him..its so sorlum..lols..den AN elerni assess us..lols..tis ish my first time doin last-office..was like lost..den she guilded us..hahas..den was tired..de corpse was so cold n blood`less..cos passed awae for 2hrs alreadi..den stiff oso..bt not tat stiff n we managed to proceed wif wad we gonna do..clean de bodi first den help him wear clothes den put it in de morturary bag n den aft tat de undertaker shifted de bodii awae to de morturary..hmm..kinda sad eh? team 1 alot DIL/DNR..scarii~ tml goin sentosa..wee..write til here~ bye..