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Thursday, October 27, 2005 0 Comments

todae wake up feel so damn tired..cos ystd work den todae mornin shift..feel so shagged..den when i reached work..realised muhh AN ish SAN teo..den i noe die liao..hais..she ishh so lazii >.< TPR mi n anis do..den assisted shower oso all mi n anis do..she jus do de spongin..den do on 1 pt oli..feedin she oso neber do..ask us do..den ask us feed de flexi-tube..we cant feed den she insist tat its de same den in de end she feed herself n de rest ask us feed..urgg..so tired seh..den feedin time, i was feedin 1 bed..den she n anis doin changin den she ask mi feed faster n saein tat nid to feed 1 more pt..i was so damn pissed off..she was walkin here n there b4 she did changin..den wad more she wanns? i reply her tat not mi feed slow..is de pt eat slow..den u wann her faster u ask her to eat faster lor..den she gif mi tat attitude..kao eh..hais..wad a AN stil a SAN seh..bt her attitude ish ok..ish de attitude at work sharkii! urgg

on de wae hm..i saw maybeline..lols..din saw her til she got off de bus..lols..so co-incidence..lols..den aft tat wann go work le..so tired..tml noon shift seh..plannin to slp tml aft work straight aft bath til cm..lols..^^ *worried abt muhh logbk* -skills come..i nid eux for signatures!!-