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Wednesday, October 26, 2005 0 Comments

todae mornin shift..damn tired cos ystd noon shift den mi todae haf to work aft shift..urg..i m fallin aslp le..lols..hmm..todae was a ok dae..ystd too..ystd noon shift..den had briefin..mdm quek gave everiione a *lyfve-letter* lols..hmm..its full of encouragin words..i appreciated it alot..well..aniiwae..tankiew~ hmm..all of us ish like rushin n eargerlii searchin everiiwhere for our skills n not lettin go of anii..lols..siao rite? if i can i wann muh everii skills to b signed..lols..tats wad i m aimin for or at least 50skills to b signed..hahas..den aft chiong-in for a week or so..mi finallii reached muhh berli berli safe line..*phew..xcept muh critical skills..i tink i mush finish it b4 tis wk..hahas..well well..it wasnt so diff aft all if u tried..hmm..hope AH cohort can pass lar..hahas..

nowadaes..goinn to work feels rather shagg..aint as hardworkinn as last time..ish like hack-care attitude towards para n showerin..cos complitency le mah..lols..den sum nurse wil ask u do..bt sum wun..so gd eh? bt i duun like SAN teo..she treat us ok..bt she ish like oli noe how to instruct dunno how to do..everiitinn oso ask us do..hais..tio her cham seh..bt i oso heck-care..if i dunwann do..mi jus tell her i m wif muhh lecturer..wad can she do?! lols..so bad eh mi..lols..oks lar..shall end here..gonna go work soon..hais..=(( *TIRED n STRESS*