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sdupit`werl ; sdupit-Mii

Saturday, October 22, 2005 0 Comments

oh muhh bloodii god..i m damn stress..for tis whole week..i was in a battle-like lyf..muhh clinical ishh like damn sharkii.i chiongin skills for tis whole week cos by end of tis postin we mush pass up our logbk wif all critical skills done n 75% skills completed..omg! i was quite far awaee frm de target..so chiong tis week lar..cos last time most of de time i do skills i dun gif those AN or SN to sign 1..hais..regretted* den apart frm tis..muhh cher was like lecturin mi saein tat i din cor her for skills..she ish like damn busii.n by de time she ishh here to assess mi..muhh tings gort to b done..hais..farking shit..tis cant tat cant..wad m i goin to do? got damn stressed by tis..in fact..everyone was like damn stress n oso chiongin for skills..god bless us? we did put in lots more effort for tis 1 week..hais..

todae go mariton..in simei..was like sian cos tired aft work le..so we go to de alumi to de ktv n sing..den at 9..we went to de stadium..saw de doc wheelin himself for de werl record..den alot of students runnin..so i intend to run to shed muh weight n stress off..ran 5 rounds den went eat at bedok..was happilii eatin n assumin tat our last train was 12..bt it was 11.33..den we gt no train to go hm..so called dine`s dad..heng dine`s dad drove mi hm..if not i m gonna stuck at de east area..lols..zhu oso got no bus so she took cab n her mum was damn angree..hais..so sad..reached hm at abt 1..tat was late eh? luckilii was sat tml..wanted to go sun-tan tml..bt dun tink we r goin..cos tired n dine ish down wif flu..urgg..oks..update when free ^^

jiayou everiione..its not de dateline yet..so stil haf chance.. god bless eux ^^ gd luck