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Monday, November 07, 2005 0 Comments

ohh..tired dae..de ward ishh nt busii at all! ish berli free..n i feel tired..mentallii tired* hais..tired of muhh lyf i tink..hmm..todae de ferx dae of muhh surgical2 postin..n de ferx procedure i did was -death procedure- lols..so sway eh? bt i managed to haf my competency signed which i did nt even tot tat my death procedure wil haf competency signed..hahas..luckii eh? hmm..did death procedure wif dine n 2 staff nurses..lols..de ward was packed wid lotsa students..nyp ; ite CP1.1 n us..n it was like conjested wif students..lols..free til we walk here n there like nobodii business n chit-chat ard..lols..n there ish so lil patients..7patients in 3 cubicle..imagine tat! bt there was like 5 admission in de ward..was so agitated tat when there ish skills..mdm quek ish not ard n when no skills..she wil ask us y no skills..kao..everiitime she go bek skul in de wrng time..hais..so sad >.<

on de way hm..i saw lynnie in 197..so coincedence rite? hahas..den tok n tok til she gt off her stop..sian lor..i cant imagine for de nxt 4weeks how m i goin to survive..humans r so weird..when we r so busii in de ward..we complain tat no time bah bah bah..when we r so free..we complain tat nth to do..time so diff to pass..lols..so frickled-minded seh..lols..n now its heaven...i dunno if i can adapt to tis kinda of lyf nt..lols..todae alot of paremedics cum to our ward..omg..we chatted wif em..their work ish so cool..can gt to c all kinda of tings ferx handed..lols..like woman givin birth..oh man~ lols..cool! lols..n todae i saw a berli shuai medical doc..OMG..>.< lols..oks lar..i stop here..update when i haf time..

jiayou wendie ^^

i d`hrew eux in de sea n gavdupp eux . lyfve hurtx . lemmi lyv it to fate bahh ^^